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“Greetings from the Pullman Chamber of Commerce”

Greetings and welcome to Pullman! We are very fortunate to live in a city that has excellent leadership that strives for prosperity of business, technology, education, health care, culture and entertainment. As we prepare for opportunities in 2014, it is important to take a moment and reflect on the positive growth and achievements that have been recognized in Pullman coinciding with the Chamber’s Vision  “Making Pullman a better place to live, work and do business”. Leadership:    A walk around Pullman and a visit to local businesses quickly makes one realize Pullman is rich in both leadership and history.  Our Fire, Police and City of Pullman officials have done an excellent job in managing and leading Pullman, making it a safe place to live and do business.  Private sector leadership with our small businesses around town, science and technology businesses in the Pullman Port district and our agricultural partners on the Palouse have improved employment through continued innovation.  Educational leadership and direction remains very strong and focused in Pullman within the Pullman School District, Washington State University and Spokane Falls Community College.   Finally, it is important to recognize the leadership existing in a variety of Pullman non-profit agencies and organizations that serve Pullman’s interests.  They are often the silent ‘back bone’ of our City. Education:    Pullman is home to Washington State University of the Pac 12 conference creating a unique relationship as the student population makes up the majority of the 31,000 Pullman population.  WSU is a leading land grant university attracting new Pullman residences from across the globe seeking undergraduate and graduate studies.   The Pullman School District, another strong educational partner in Pullman, passed a $5.3 million levy in ‘13 that will result in future improvements to Franklin Elementary and new construction and modernization of the Pullman High School improving student safety and educational efficiency.  Finally, Spokane Falls Community College (operating in Gladish Community and Cultural Center), offers additional educational opportunities for those seeking expanded education. Events/Entertainment:    Pullman is rich and diverse in entertainment and events that take place throughout the year.  In addition to athletic events at WSU and Pullman High School, there are a number of annual events that draw interests from well beyond our Washington State borders including The National Lentil Festival and Pullman’s 4th of July Celebration now in their 26 and 37 years, respectively.    In addition to these major events, there continues to be an increase in a number of additional events taking place monthly in the Arts and Theatre from both local and distant entertainers.   Our community leaders continue to increase entertainment activities that benefit our Pullman culture. Development:    Pullman has experienced a number of new and advancing commercial developments over the past 12 months including SEL’s new Zocholl Engineering building, the new Brelsford WSU Visitor Center,  the development of The Palouse Business Center, expansion in student housing both on and off campus, construction/expansion of two regional banks and the addition of retail business.  These are just a few areas that will continue to drive the prosperity of our economy and employment. The Chamber of Commerce is excited to promote and be a part of the success and prosperity of businesses and individuals in the City of Pullman.  We welcome your ideas, your comments and your success!
Douglas A. Cox, President
Pullman Chamber of Commerce